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Brāv approved: Suffolk Beckons Announcing ASM’s new Suffolk office and meeting facilities

#Civil, #Commercial, #Tax and #Family #Mediation. 

By Paul Sandford, ASM’s Principal Director and David King and Anthony Wooding, ASM’s Suffolk based Associate, David King  & Anthony Wooding

Effective as of now, in addition to its London-base, Albert Square Mediation Limited has an office in Suffolk. The address of this office which is run by one of its team members, David King, is 4 Stone Street Court, Stone Street, Hadleigh, IP7 6HY and mediation facilities in Ipswich. Brav-Logo

David will be very happy to speak to prospective clients, facilitate roundtable meetings and conduct mediations online. This office may be booked by family mediators at mutually convenient times including weekends.

David, who also practices accountancy as Guymer King is a civil mediator with a particular interest in commercial, finance, tax and also faith issues. He mediates all types of civil dispute.

David will work in tandem with Anthony Wooding who is also the Managing Partner of Kerseys Solicitors in Ipswich. His particular interest in the fields of Landlord and Tenant and Property law stand him in very good stead and he mediates all types of civil dispute and like David mediates on line.

Additionally, Anthony we now have the use of high quality, very centrally located mediation rooms in Ipswich. Ipswich has very good public transport connections and this facility will also be used by Paul Sandford and other ASM team members.

In keeping with the ASM ethos, David and Anthony are very firmly of the view that no case is too big, too small or too complicated and are both committed to providing excellent value for money. Both are excellent mediators. They adopt a quiet, intelligent approach and quickly gain parties trust, helping them to explore the options and reach settlements that they are comfortable with. David and Anthony’s knowledge and experience makes them “go to” mediators and they can take on cases on at short notice.

ASM’s main contact details

Albert Square Mediation Limited (Trading as ASM)


07476 279 307


http://www. albertsquaremediation.co.uk

Could Brāv have helped the Alleged Easter Shooter Steve Stephens?

In a Facebook post called the “Easter day slaughter,” alleged murderer, Steve Stephens, claims to have killed 12 people and that he “won’t stop” until his mother and another woman call him. Brav-Logo

He posted a Facebook Live feed where he appeared to be chatting with another expressing how everyone ignored him and dismissed him, despite having a “lot of built in anger and frustration.”

The ability to express your concerns with others with a dedicated third party whose sole goal is to remain neutral and help you reach a solution that assists everyone’s needs sounds exactly like what could have benefited Stephens.

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Have your Conflicts Managed with Albert Square Mediation!

Albert Square Mediation

Albert Square Mediation Limited (ASM) is one of the many joining us to provide online conflict management here at Brāv. ASM provides a unique range of high quality, cost-effective and time-saving services and their experts work on the basis that no problem is too big or too small have considerable experience of dispute resolution.

Services include:




Join the Veterans Affairs & Brāv 3/11 at Hilton Chicago!

“It’s one thing to have to go fight for your country; it’s another to have to come home and fight your country.”Brav-Logo
On March 11-17 we’ll be hosting a hackathon (both virtual and on-site) to create solutions for veterans and those who support them. We’re calling all techies, legal experts, activists, veterans, and those who want to do their part to join us.
(Teams can also compete for $10,000 in prizes!)

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