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Meet Wellness Expert Deanna Waters!

IMG_1055Deanna Waters, Bsc Healthy Lifestyle Advocate, Prosperity Coach

As a 23 year veteran in the health industry, Deanna has learned the value of making healthy nutritional choices, maintaining daily fitness regimes, proper sleep and above all a positive mindset. She has discovered many of the modalities that help people deal successfully with conflict and stressful situations.

She has outstanding leadership skills to help others meet their goals and beyond, for a comprehensive healthy lifestyle regime. She realizes the importance of promoting a positive mindset and vision for the future. As an accomplished speaker, presenter and trainer, she is always learning and passing on that knowledge to those who are committed to personal growth and wellness.

For Financial Wellness, it is important to inspire others to achieve and believe in the possible. All too often people limit their progress in life with negative thinking. It is her mission to help them realize the power of a positive outlook and wise financial goals, especially including residual, passive income earned as a side project from home. This opens up greater time freedom, extra tax benefits and even early retirement from the regular work force at any age. The ultimate goal is to choose to live a positive, healthy, wealthier, forward thinking and inspiring life.

Deanna is a BSc graduate from Iowa State University, which lead to a successful career, with the usual stresses and conflicts, in the corporate world in Canada. She held such positions as Editor of the Manitoba Business Journal; Corporate Communications Director, Palliser Furniture; Director of Marketing and Communications, Winnipeg 2000 Economic Development Corporation and Executive Director of Take Pride Winnipeg Environmental Organization.

Her passion is to help others orchestrate the ups and downs of business life, with a healthy lifestyle.
Deanna can be contacted at: 204-771-2631 cell www.ddwaters.comBrav-Logo


Brav-LogoTODAY: Rise to Shine Radio – Wed., Aug. 30th @ 8pm ET

Call in during the show with your questions, comments or to speak to Host Etienne A. Gibbs @ (657) 383-1766

It is such an honour to come alongside Melissa, Lead on #BrāvLift & Buddy, #BrāvAmbassador to discuss how we are teaming up with Brāv Online Conflict Management to:

*provide trauma therapy to those age 2+ to help stop adverse effects of complex childhood trauma

*lobby & advocate for a change to children’s rights in all levels of legislation in the US, Canada & globally to make trauma therapy mandatory for this vulnerable population

*continue to educate all stakeholders, provide resources & develop a database of therapists to call upon that specialize in child trauma recovery

*give a voice to the voiceless through Brāv division I am leading called #BrāvShift that will be opening the door to conversations around all types of conflict including conflict that arises from childhood trauma, domestic violence, substance abuse, mental illness etc.
Melissa Bird , Brāv Online Conflict Management , Buddy Thornton DBA at Grand Canyon University (ABD)

Brāv in Vietnam! (11/11-11/13)

Brav-LogoLocal Academic and Mediator Invited to Keynote International Conference
Dysart, PA
August 27, 2017

Dr. Christopher Smithmyer, a local entrepreneur, academic and mediator along with his colleague Buddy Thornton (ABD) has been invited to speak at the Asia Pacific Mediation Forum (APMF) as keynote speakers on behalf of Brāv Online Conflict Management. Smithmyer and Thornton will be discussing the way that conflict affects international business and how new technological methods of dispute resolution are vital to improving the world economy.

Smithmyer and Thornton are both active contributors of Brāv, an online conflict resolution community with the expressed purpose of improving individual access to conflict resolution both within the legal system and without. Brāv has been working toward this goal for 11 years and Smithmyer and Thornton keynoting a major international conference is interjecting online conflict resolution into the mainstream. Vietnam, which does not currently have a government sanctioned conflict resolution system outside the courts, plays host for this conference which will be available both in person and online. (See for more details).
The conference takes place in De Nang, Vietnam, a country with a strong history of conflict. Building a conflict resolution model that is willing to work with the Western business culture is an important part of improving the relations between the United States and Vietnam, but more than that it will help bring stability to the region. Businesses, by and large, dislike conflict areas; by bringing a stable conflict management system to the southern tip of the Far East, we can improve the business workability for resources to be shipped to Vietnam and finished goods to be sent to the world market. This can create jobs both here and abroad.
Dr. Smithmyer has been a certified mediator since 2002, when he was one of the youngest people ever trained by the American Academy of ADR Attorneys in Des Moines, Iowa. He holds his Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from Nova Southeastern University, dual LLM’s from the University of Queensland in Australia in international business transactions and Litigation & Dispute Resolution, his J.D. and MBA with specializations in international business, an M.A. in Industrial and Labor Relations, and a Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Research Methodologies. Dr. Smithmyer currently consults at Brāv, a premier Online Dispute Resolution Company, and teaches for the University of South Florida, in their MBA program, and for Penn State in their World Campus business program. Dr. Smithmyer has mediated over 500 cases over the last few years in international business, domestic business, and foreclosure/credit cases. In 2012, he ran for State Senate in South Florida.
Mr. Thornton has been a certified mediator since June 2011, earning his certifications in paralegal and mediation from Lakewood College. His education consists of a BS in Allied Health Sciences from UW-Milwaukee (1984), a Masters in Human Services Counseling from Liberty University (2014), and a current pursuit of his doctorate at Grand Canyon University (DBA in Executive Leadership with a specialty in Cross-Cultural Competency and Conflict Management-ABD). Buddy is a member of the Maricopa County Association of Family Mediators, and has served as Ethics Co-chair. Mr. Thornton is currently owner of BCT Mediations PLUS, is active in Brāv as an Ambassador, initiative consultant, and presenter, and does both corporate and family mediation in the southwestern United States.

Brāv is a conflict management company organized in Michigan. The company specializes in conflict resolution training and provides a next generation conflict resolution/management platform that can be used by community members to conciliate, meditate or arbitrate legal matters before they reach a point where they have to go to court. Questions concerning their methodology or anything relating to their involvement in the APMF Conference can be directed to For more general information you can look at the Brāv website at Please subscribe to our YouTube channel at
For those looking to help offset the expenses of a non profit sending speakers to the international forum, there is a GoFundMe page set up to fund Smithmyer and Thornton’s expenses to go to the conference, if you are interested in being a corporate sponsor please email

Buddy’s Point to Ponder

Brav-LogoHow do you know you are mistreating a child? Adjusting for the need to support your family, would you abide by the same treatment or rules you impose? If the answer is “NO”, then you need to learn a better way to be a caregiver.
“Parents are always on display for their children, for better or worse! Strive for better!”

  • Dr. Thornton