Introducing Brāv Lift!

IMG_0970Brāv Lift is a nonprofit organization aimed at providing trauma therapy to children who pass through family courts because of abuse and neglect. Sometimes abandonment is involved in these cases. We are also lobbying to get a bill passed that encompasses the rights of children. Children are not treated fairly in the justice system and are seen as little adults rather than what is akin to their mental development. All children have been born with the inherent right to be protected by law not to be harmed in any physical or emotional way. Using psychologists trained in trauma counseling to work with the courts, CPS and the foster care systems. Just as a child is appointed a guardian ad litem, Brāv Lift would appoint a therapist to each child needing therapy.
Our world is plagued with child abuse. Approximately 5 children die every day from child abuse. 90% of sexual abuse victims know their perpetrator in some way. This has to stop! Children are very trusting and easily manipulated so they don’t have the capacity to protect themselves from a person who wants to harm them. Those numbers are staggering and are more likely higher than reported. This is a crisis!!
What happens to the ones who survive? The ones who endure pain and suffering because of their memories? Even worse because of the memories they can’t recall but live just under the surface, affecting everything in their lives? These Children are now victims of Complex childhood trauma and have PTSD to contend with. The problem is that they don’t know what that is or what it means for their future.

These children experience difficulties in school, become addicted to some substance in their teens, and engaging in harmful behavior. As adults these children grow to be lost in their worlds. Unable to hold down a steady job, healthy relationships or feel worthy of love and compassion. A study named ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences), run by Dr.’s Felitti and Anda, has followed adults that were victims of childhood trauma for the last 25 years. The study found that ACE exponentially increases the adult’s chances for numerous physical ailments, such as heart disease, COPD, and suicide to name a few. These are quality of life issues. That’s the physical part but there is also a mix of emotional and mental repercussions. Every child has the right to live free of molestation, both physical and mental.
We intend to help children as young as 2 years of age. We believe that getting help for these children will stop the adverse effects of complex childhood trauma.
With the assistance of family courts and caring therapists. Brāv Lift is building a national network of therapists who are trained specifically in trauma recovery for children. Taking into consideration what stage of development the child is in is imperative to treating them effectively. Trauma recovery programs geared toward adults would not benefit a child.
When there is abuse in the home, it is reported and CPS gets involved. It is at this point that Brāv Lift should be involved to assign an age appropriate cognitive trauma therapist to the child. In many cases the child is taken from the home. That alone is a traumatic event, even if the home is a dangerous place for the child, and needs to be addressed. Post traumatic recovery is also used as a preventive tool to stave off future harmful behavior and illnesses.

By reaching children now, the next generation has a better chance of not experiencing abuse and the next generation until child abuse is eradicated.

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