Brāv Lift press release

Brāv Lift press release-

Brav-LogoSeptember 25, 2017
Brāv Lift Seeks to Help Children-Non-Profit Organization Trying to Lift All!
Brāv Lift is a non-profit 501(c)(3) aimed at helping children who are victims of abuse, neglect, and abandonment. We are seeking psychologists and therapists who are trained in working with children, who are willing to work with children in the Utah foster care system. We are looking for caring individuals who want to help these affected children. Calling out to the “Brāv Ones” who have spent their lives helping others. This is a volunteer position until Brāv Lift succeeds in acquiring investors to support our organization.

Brāv Lift also needs supporters who want to contribute to lifting children out of despair. Life-long advocates who will invest in the future of our society. Please donate. We are a 501(c)(3) organization so all donations are tax deductible. We are a division of Brāv, a company with a proven track record of conflict resolution with a mission of promoting peace. Please choose to
be engaged and support our cause. Be Brāv!

Contact Melissa Bird at (385)245-5037 or go to for information and how to donate or get involved.

Buddy’s Point to Ponder

I wrote this for a group of doctoral students when they were complaining about the work necessary to be successful:

“We cannot change our past, we can only live in the present, looking to a positive future. We cannot change the expectations of others, only how we choose to respond to them, or not. We cannot change how people act, we can only choose how we act. We cannot change the inevitable choices we must make, we can only hope to make the best choice when each challenge presents itself to us. The only thing we can do for certain is to control our most crucial choice tool, and that tool is our ATTITUDE”

Dr. Thornton Brav-Logo

Brāv’s Premier Peacebuilding Networking Cruise 3/16-3/19!

Brav-LogoBrāv is holding a networking cruise to the Bahamas in March (16-19).  If you are interested in meeting business people and conflict professionals around the country send an email at  Here are the details.

Cabin Price (per person double occupancy)
Inside: $377
Outside: $417

The cruise leaves from Port Canaveral (Orlando), then cruises to Nassau, Bahamas for a day, then sails to Coco Cay (Royal Caribbean’s Private island) for a day, then sails back to Port Canaveral.

If you are interested please email for the flyer.  The deposit is $100 per person, which reserves your room.  Since this is the first year we only booked 40 rooms, so we expect them to go quite quickly.
Chris Smithmyer, Paul Sandford , David Santiago (LL.b) , David Allen Larson , Dave Hilton , Missy Sperti (Miner) , Melissa Bird , Buddy Thornton DBA at Grand Canyon University (ABD) , Dr. Justin Wood, Th.d, CJME , Sheila Simms , THOMAS G. GIGLIONE , Stanley Zamor Effective ADR , Dr. Jorge Rice , Josephine Reyes , Vik Kapoor, Esq., ACC , Vikaas Nafde , MS SUCHI Suchi , Lee Hornberger , Lorraine Segal Robert A. Creo


Brav-LogoTODAY: Rise to Shine Radio – Wed., Aug. 30th @ 8pm ET

Call in during the show with your questions, comments or to speak to Host Etienne A. Gibbs @ (657) 383-1766

It is such an honour to come alongside Melissa, Lead on #BrāvLift & Buddy, #BrāvAmbassador to discuss how we are teaming up with Brāv Online Conflict Management to:

*provide trauma therapy to those age 2+ to help stop adverse effects of complex childhood trauma

*lobby & advocate for a change to children’s rights in all levels of legislation in the US, Canada & globally to make trauma therapy mandatory for this vulnerable population

*continue to educate all stakeholders, provide resources & develop a database of therapists to call upon that specialize in child trauma recovery

*give a voice to the voiceless through Brāv division I am leading called #BrāvShift that will be opening the door to conversations around all types of conflict including conflict that arises from childhood trauma, domestic violence, substance abuse, mental illness etc.
Melissa Bird , Brāv Online Conflict Management , Buddy Thornton DBA at Grand Canyon University (ABD)