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Interview with Tiffany Ann of Dreams Recycled!


Brav-LogoWhat do you want people to know about you?

Tiffany: I came to the U.S. to work for Universal Studios. I then married; 3 kids and 16 years later; I then divorced. I was a stay at home mom for 13 years; after my divorce I realized it was hard to find work with what many considered no relevant experience. All I really knew at that time was divorce. I saw a huge lack of resources for divorcees. Thus, my company, DreamsRecycled, was born for myself and other divorcees.

What advice would you give others getting ready for marriage?

Tiffany: The number one predictor I see for divorce is even before getting married if you see a behavior pattern or personality type that you have reservations about. When you see a red flag but then still getting married, this rarely works long term. Often, I am told that spouses thought the other would change or get better only to realize, that who you see before marriage is most certainly who you will see after marriage.

Whatever issues you have prior to marriage you will have twice the amount after marriage.

How can we mitigate these?

Tiffany: Date with intent. There are enough people in this world to find someone who is compatible. Listen to red flags. Don’t settle and know that love shouldn’t feel like constant challenging work.

How could conflict management help in dating? Marriage?

Tiffany: We need healthy dialogue. Sadly, society doesn’t teach this, we are educated in so many fields, yet relationships and conflict resolution are rarely taught.

How can we help children from divorce?

Tiffany: There are really no winners in divorce, we must make sure we always love our children far more than we dislike our exes, and work together to co parent to the best of our ability.

Do you believe in love after divorce?

I’m engaged to someone with a similar story; divorced; three kids and a tech company. Find like-minded people through work, hobbies and more. Be 100% happy with yourself, before you even attempt to have a committed relationship, when you stop looking for love and are happy within you attract much better people into your life.

How can people contact you?


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