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5 Ways Video Can Reduce Hostile Work Environments

In light of tweets and technology and world leaders attending our upcoming Vietnam conference November 11-13th…

5 Ways Video Can Reduce Hostile Work Environments

By Top Notch Cinema 

Video has completely revolutionized and created an impressionable imprint on the corporate world. From using video content to enhance sales to establishing effective internal communication, video continues to change the landscape of the workplace. Top Notch Cinema ( discusses five ways video can improve the workplace environment and create harmonious, productive surroundings.

IMG_11171) Videos have proven to be an essential tool in lead generation, brand development and awareness and sales. In using this as a promotional and sales tool, not only do conversion rates increase leading to more sales, it also creates consistency and clarity in the company’s brand.
2) Video content not only improves the external output, but can seamlessly manage internal procedures with consistency. Training videos are a perfect example of this; without them, staff can deviate from expectations, goals and responsibilities. Training videos are an effectively clear point of reference, boosting effectualness and productivity in a cost-effective manner.
3) Every employee wants to feel informed and connected to their place of employment; personalized communication via video can bridge the gap between executives and employees, developing an environment of connectivity and open communication. Instead of sending out an impersonal email, highlight and feature important company news in visual content format that informs, motivates and inspires!
4) The safety and comfort of every employee should be primary concern in every corporate setting. Communicating expectations of every workplace member in regards to their role in creating a safe work environment can be distinctly portrayed in a quality video. Clear depictions of appropriate and inappropriate behavior eliminates any confusion, minimizes hostile workplaces and serves as an excellent point of reference, if needed.
5) Overall, internal video content not only boosts external results of any business; it stimulates a constructive framework for each and every employee. By setting expectations, maintaining consistent, cohesive communications and eliminating unsafe practices, video content fosters a positive, productive and profitable environment.



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