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Brāv One, Anthony Matthews’ Stance on Harassment & Conflict Management

Brav-LogoAllegations of sexual misconduct have been prevalent recently. Organizations associated with the accused have been quick to terminate those relationships. Careers have ended overnight.

But does this bring closure to the alleged victims? Persons brave enough to come forward with stories of decades-old abuse may face a lengthy legal battle to gain recompense for what happened. And, some of those accused may feel that their conduct, sometimes once-off, falls short of abuse. They feel vilified.

Every case depends on the facts and the people. Often, victims simply want to be heard, and want an acknowledgement and an apology. The accused person, who may genuinely not feel that their actions were so egregious, wants to make things right and then move on without public recrimination.

These situations can often be resolved with mediation, a conflict resolution methodology allowing people to discuss and resolve issues safely and confidentially. Brāv offers such services upon request.

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