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If you hate conflicts…support Brāv!


Click here to support Brāv now!

Interested in getting even MORE involved? YES! Email with the related below number(s) in the areas that you would like to know more about:
1. #PromoteMediation – as a viable option over litigation or violence. We’ve got a PhD in the game with compelling reasons as to why mediation should be the FIRST OPTION over all else…complete with a strategy in place to make this happen #STAT!
2. #ChannelVanGogh – show your creative side through blog posts, videos, podcasts, designs, etc with the goal of promoting your practice, conflict management tips, and more! We can help you get media mentions in places likeThe Huffington Post, New York Times, WaPo, etc!
3. #WanderwithaPurpose – If you like to go places, present, and influence key figures and the masses, this is for you! We have tons of places for you to go – conferences, cruises, events – online and off all with the goal of connecting with like-minded organizations/ individuals to integrate us into places including work forces, prison systems, HR departments, schools preK through professional and everywhere people congregate! Let them know you’re ready to become their #onlinecomponent
4. #ShapeUp – If you’d like to help develop programs, we’re here for it! Hold E-competitions, webinars, etc…
5. #ReleaseYourTalents – Want to instruct others in your area of expertise(s) in a non-pressured way? Think TEDx Talks for Conflict Management, sharing your specialties and more – come on down!
6. #Offline- Study conflicts in REAL life – travel with us!
7. What else?!

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  1. Hi theгe, I chеck your blog on a regular Ьasis. Your
    humoriѕtic style is awesome, keep up the good work!

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