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IMG_1097Prerna Foundation is a socio – legal initiative by Adv. Jharna Jagtiani. One of our mission is to ease the access to justice for people at large. Our aim is to increase awareness about “Mediation” as primary mode of resolving any dispute.
We intend to educate and help people understand mediation and other legal aspects through internet and other online tools. Our online legal awareness initiative “Lawful Talks” – – is a platform that welcomes, encourages and more importantly talks to its viewers and everyone interested in the legal community.IMG_1098 In a broader sense, it will be covering and simplifying many aspects of law and dispute resolution mechanism.

“I truly believe that mediation is a party – centric and structured negotiation process where a neutral third party assists the parties in amicably resolving their dispute by using specialized communication and negotiation techniques. Keeping in mind the backlog of cases in Indian Courts, mediation should be the primary option of dispute resolution, and if it fails then only litigation should be looked at.” – Adv. Jharna Jagtiani, Mediator & Dispute Resolution Consultant.

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