Cruise! Interior room, Silver plan! (Per person price)


Includes Silver plan training, cruise, port fees, and taxes, meals in main dining room, buffet and select restaurants.


Per person, dual occupancy.

Join us! April 7-13th, 2019!



International Networking and Continuing Education Cruise!

Where: We will leave from beautiful Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, travel to Georgetown, Grand Canyon, then Puerto Costa Maya, Mexico, followed by Cozumel, Mexico before returning to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida!

Why? Our cruise is your opportunity to meet your continuing education credits and network with professionals from all over!


Silver Level Travelers Training includes:

 Introduction to Conflict Management (S)- This course is a primer to those who
are new to the field of Conflict Management or those who are veteran conflict
managers who wish to see what is new.
 Brāv International Events (C)- This course is a description of courses which are
offered by Brāv internationally, including our trips to Australia and Isreal/Europe.

 Online Conflict Management (C)- This course explains the growing field of
online conflict managements and how you can use OCM to grow your business.
 Using the Brāv Platform (A)- This course is a training on how to use the Brāv
platform in your business and how it can make your OCM practice more efficient.
 Becoming a Brāv One (A)- This course explains how you can join the Brāv OCM
family, even if you are not intending to be a mediator.

 Cultural Awareness in Mediation (S)- This course goes through the process of
being culturally sensitive in culturally diverse mediation situations.
 International Mediation Process (C)- This course explains the intricacies of
international mediation for those who are entering into the field.
 Ethics in Mediation (S)- This course highlights the importance of ethics in the
field of conflict management, looking at the situations and solutions that arise
from conflict in the world.
 International Domestic Violence (A)- This course discusses how to deal with
domestic violence in situations where people are being abused by loved ones.
Each Category includes the classes above. 5
4 Classes are subject to change and replacement by a class of equal or lesser value.
5 (S) Stanley Zamor, (A) Dr. Alli, (C) Dr. Christopher W. Smithmyer
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Rooms generally come with one or two beds*

Actual room may differ from picture*


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