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True Equality


“I am superior to you”, “No, I am”.

This is our everyday life story now. Feminism was such a great concept. Yes, I would use ‘was‘ because nowadays people are using it in a hate speech. Few women are using it to show how superior they are,how they don’t need a man in their lives. When It’s not about needing a man in your life,it’s about empowering yourself.

We don’t have to go shoulder to shoulder with each other and compete in everything.
Being extremists is not a good solution, no good can come out of it.

True equality is when you could do the things you want to,without any hindrance of the other respective gender. Where you support and respect each other,(where you pay equally for the bill share). Equality is not about competing or blaming the other gender, accusing them of things or using it hate speeches.

You might be wondering Who am I? ,
Am I the right person and can I decipher?
Why did it struck a cord with me?

So, we’ve been listening to some things every now and then,
” Women are best suited for the household chores,they belong there right in the kitchen”.

Other things such as,
“You are a woman,you should how know to cook”.
“You are a woman,you must be getting married soon and in that case why do you want to study or work so hard?

I’m 19,but that doesn’t mean that I’m not the right person to understand.
Ever since childhood from the age of 5, I’ve been listening to such things through TV commercials,serials,witnessing someone not being able to pursue their dreams every other day because of the limitations set.

Just a week ago, a boy in my class made this statement for me:
” You will graduate with a law degree in hand,but you’ll get married as soon as you step out of this college. So, you better start learning to cook to be a good wife or bahu.”
It hit me hard.

Okay people!
Let’s just get some perspective here,
Being an independent person doesn’t mean that you cannot cook and being a woman doesn’t mean that you should know how to cook.
It is an individual’s choice.

We too have dreams and goals,
there are women out there who’s aim is not to get married ,
their focus is on their career and that they want to achieve something and acquire a good position in life.

Is there someone who can answer me?

When will the time arrive, that being a girl means there will be a savings account but not devoted solely for marriage purposes?
When will there be no FIRST WOMEN TO DO SOMETHING headline,that it’s just another woman to achieve it?
When will there be a equal pay to both the genders for doing the same thing with equal calibre?
When will women start supporting each others for once,which is also the form of true empowerment?
When will the time arrive that we no longer have to talk about being at par?
When will both the genders accept each other unabashedly?

When will this change?

Emma Watson in her UN speech (launching #heforshe project) has been quoted saying-

Feminism by definition is: “The belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. It is the theory of the political, economic and social equality of the sexes.”

We should all ask this to ourselves, a deep provoking thought left to us by Emma Watson in her speech.


  1. If not ME, then WHO?
  2. If not NOW, then WHEN?

#trueequality for this century.

Thank You

4 thoughts on “True Equality

  1. Very well said! It’s hard to achieve true equality but it’s not IMPOSSIBLE! I m happy to see that someone is thinking this much about this topic! unless we don’t discuss it we can’t make a CHANGE! I can feel every single word! Thank you! 🙂

    1. Thank You for the appreciation!

  2. This needs to be read by all the male chauvinists who cannot even tie their shoe-laces properly!
    Keep up the good work Shivani and all the best!!

    1. Thank you for the appreciation!

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