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Why bullies should use Brāv

Let’s get this straight. No one should be proud to be a bully. No one really is. (I’ll explain later).

In fact, no one should be even labeled a bully…for a few reasons. 1. Labels are offensive; no one likes that, especially when the Why-Brav-For-Bullies labeled bully feels that they are actually the victim. 2. Calling someone a bully may make them want to live up to this title even more. 3. Bullies are often not proud, in fact, there is a lot of research that suggest that bullies may lash out due to not being proud…of themselves…of their personal lives…or other aspects of their lives in which they have little control over.

We’d like to change that, but for now, people are labeled bullies, and bullies can get in trouble. Brāv wants to help them too. Specifically, help them find an alternative to getting punished, be it kicked out of school, fired on the job, or publicly shamed, among others. How amazing would it be if every so called bully sought out Brāv to speak to those that they are in conflict with instead of all the horrible consequences above? Particularly if it’s a simple misunderstanding that ended up escalating.

We need to change the way we view others, label others and treat others. Brāv could get us a bit closer.

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6 thoughts on “Why bullies should use Brāv

  1. This is actually a really good idea.

    1. Karyn,

      We are glad you feel that way and hope that you sign up for conflict solving, to become a Brāv One or to even write articles!

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