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Why we chose to be Brāv

Brāv chose us…just kidding…well, not quite.

Brāv happens when we least expect it and also when we consciously plan it. Let me explain. My own experiences with being brāv make me smile in triumph…but also hang my head low in shame.

What do I mean? We all experience conflicts in regular life, whether we are the least confrontational person we know or those feening for a fight at every corner. No matter what, we just can’t get away from misunderstandings, accidents, and arguments. Not. Gonna. Happen.

What we often do avoid is finding real solutions to these everyday issues. Instead, we replay them in our heads over and over again, thinking of what was said or done, and how we could have responded differently. That is almost as bad as living out the experience the first time. Brāv was created to combat this.

We want you to use Brāv in order to free yourself from these mental disturbances, free others too, and make the world a bit more peaceful. After all, what is it to be brāv if everyone else plays a coward?

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